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The New York Times:

Born of a Classroom Presentation, a Musical About...Hockey
Published: June 15, 2008

“ ‘It takes the sports world and the musical theater world, which are miles apart, and brings them
together,’  Mr. Wilson said, playing songs from the show on the piano in his living room.”  -  
“Collaborating on the musical included ‘some real open heart-to-hearts about experiences of being
straight and experiences of being gay’.”

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REVIEW - HOCKEY: THE MUSICAL! The Original Toronto Cast Recording
by Robert Lester
Published: May 13, 2010

Rather than a feel-good, male-bonding romp or a snarky dismissal of sports as silly and spoofy,
professional sports are used as a setting for a drama about human emotions and values."  -  "I very
much admire the desire to expose and explore homophobia in sports through theatre, and present
sports figures who can be heroic in their personal stance and values rather than just heroic by
winning a game at all and any costs."  -  "The singing is fine, with committed, unblinking (unwinking!)

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Inside Hockey:

by Corey Caplan
Published: July 16, 2008

“A fun, thoroughly entertaining, and sometimes hilarious examination of gender stereotypes and high
level testosterone in the Great Game, Rick Wilson and Justin DeMarco’s “Hockey: The Musical”
definitely hits the mark.”

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Yahoo Sports:

Exploring Sexual Sports Taboos through 'Hockey: The Musical!'
By Greg Whyshinski
Published: July 1, 2008

“The title song marries hockey terminology with musical theater jargon in a satirical way. A female
character having an affair with one of the players sings a cautionary torch song about the ice
beneath him ‘starting to crack’ and warning him that his ‘game is failing, play by play.’”   -  “Wilson and
DeMarco believe that the "international makeup" of NHL locker rooms creates a gay-friendly
atmosphere. But more than that, they believe professional hockey players care too much about their
ultimate goal -- winning -- to dwell on wedge issues like sexuality, politics or religion.”

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ON STAGE / It must be the Fringe fest
By Serafin LaRiviere
Published: July 02, 2008

“Wilson dreamed up the idea to integrate his musical acumen with DeMarco's blossoming talent as a

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