The following video clips are a compilation of all the days leading up to the world premiere of Hockey: The Musical! featuring
the cast, crew and everyone else on this wild ride...
To view these at full screen, visit:
Chapter I - The Journey Begins
- the producers leave NY and...
eventually arrive in Toronto!
- walk through of the theatre
- first meeting of some of the cast & crew
Chapter II - The First Rehearsal
- Day 2 in Toronto
- the First Rehearsal/Read-Through
Chapter III - The Early Rehearsals
- the first four days...
- what happens when you give Canadians hockey sticks
- visiting the Village
- Stephen and Rick prove... Hockey is a musical!
Chapter IIIa - Sneak Preview of
"What's Going On?"
- the incomparable Jen Hope in rehearsals for her song,
"What's Going On?"
Chapter IV - Rolling right along...
- the cast take to their skates!
- Rick begins choreographing
- neither rain, nor snow, nor hail shall overcome the cast
of Hockey: The Musical!
Exclusive Sneak Preview
- highlights of the world premiere
- if you didn't get into one of our sold out houses
you can at least check out some of the show here!
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